Be the Highlight of Someone’s Day

HiLU is the pro-social app for sharing and collecting words of affirmation.

Not only will you spread joy today, our platform ensures that your heartfelt messages are securely stored and easily accessible, allowing your friends and family to revisit them whenever they need a reminder of their best qualities.

Say HiLU "Hi, I Luv U." to a new wellness practice.

Make the act of giving personalized audio affirmations a regular, intentional practice.

two friends having a good time cooking together
young lady records a HiLU on her bed
two friends sit and chat over coffee
a mother and toddler lay in the grass hugging each other

Record your gratitude.

Works on any device using HiLU's web-based app. Capture your positive feedback, words of affirmation, and heartfelt compliments quickly.


Share with anyone.

Copy a link or share your HiLU wherever your recipients are. They can listen without logging in or creating an account.


Keep the love going.

Sign up for an account to keep all your affirmations in one place, respond to others’ HiLUs, and find your highest self.

A breath of fresh air.

HiLU is on a mission to expand the world’s wellness by spreading positive feedback and gratitude to others.

man grinning on bus listening to a HiLU on his phone

Benefits for receiver

Hear your most positive attributes all in one place

Feel a deep sense of belonging and connection

Increase confidence and self belief

Collect higher self recordings and re-listen to them as needed

two women friends smiling on couch after receiving a HiLU on the phone.

Benefits for sender

Help others see and feel into their highest self

Make impacts that go beyond your lifetime

Improve your own feelings of confidence, happiness and optimism by helping others

Combat the growing loneliness epidemic and mental health crisis

Turn Positive Thoughts into Actions

Uncovering human greatness through connections that matter.

Make positive feedback a daily practice—and learn that it feels good to change someone’s whole day or whole life for the better.

No login required

Jump right in to record audio affirmations, hassle-free.

Short but sweet

Engage in meaningful connection in 2 minutes or less.

Share with anyone

Send audio affirmations to anyone, HILU user or not.

Learn to affirm

Deepen your gratitude practice to include uplifting those around you.

Top-of-mind kindness

Keeps kindness, compliments, and words of affirmation central, fostering a consistent practice of spreading positivity.

Calm in digital chaos

A safe space in an often stressful digital world—uniting individuals through uplifting and empowering interactions.